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Outer Heaven 01:52
Shadow Moses 05:48
Ocelot 05:54
Diamond Dogs 05:36


Michal’s passion for techno music started playing with vinyl. The heavy sounds extracted from the black plastic disc inspired him to do more, to go a step further and create his own music. Since then he experimented with a lot of genres of electronic music, to find his own path. He sought inspiration in crowded cities and the correlation of nature with industrialized society. Today, his performances are consisting entirely of the original productions, where you will find a rich mixture of dense industrial atmosphere, off beats sounds and dub techno elements driven by energetic kick.


released November 15, 2017

in arrival order

James Ruskin 7
Shadow Moses for me...Thanks!

Svreca (Semantica) 5
Lately I´m into Jablonski stuff. Will try this too.

Kwartz 7
Nice EP!

Bas Mooy 8

Electric Indigo 7
Cool release! My favourite at first listening is Shadow Moses. Thank you!

Positive Centre 10
Tight and Tidy Stuff! Thx

Gran Rlease guys !! thanks for send !!!

Dave Miller 7
Will try the Outer Heaven and Shadow Moses tracks, thanks


Arnaud Le Texier 7
Joton Rmx Thx

Moteka 10
Awesome release ! Perfect production and incredible atmosphere !

Bleak 8
Nice EP! Shadow Moses and Joton Rmx are the ones! Thanks

Kill Ref 8
so hot stuff! thnx

Nöle 9
Great tracks !! thanks !! <3

AWB 10
Nasty one Michal ! love it. Diamong Dogs is insane !

Kaiser 10

Gordon 10
Excellent as always Mr Jablonski!!

Mekas 8
Nice tracks! Will play Diamond dogs.

Faerber 7
love the joton remix

alex einz 9
Remix of Ocelot is my fav

Ryan Dallas 9
Great stuff here, really love the original tracks and the Joton remix! Pretty heavy stuff, I'll definitely be playing all of these. Diamond Dogs is my favourite out of them all. P.S. love the Metal Gear Solid references ;)

H. Paul 9
super ep, muchas gracias

Astronomical Telegram 6
Joton version for me, thanks.

Minor Dott 6
Joton Remix here, Thanks!

Andres Gil 10
always nice music from Newrhythmic

Keikari 10
Big fan of the music and Solid Snake !

Olēka 10

mike gervais 10

Vertical Spectrum 9
superb ep from Michal, full of dense and twisted vibes, Diamond Dogs is my fav, but hard to not appreciate all the tracks, big up !!!

Marla Singer 10
Great tracks !

James Bong 10
Serious work! 10/10

Tom Page 9
Both mixes of Ocelot are really doing it for me, thank you! :)

A.Morgan 10
Superb EP. Nice work Michal & Joton! Shadow Moses and Joton remix I
will play a lot!

Hd Substance 8
Excellent stuff as always

richie hawtin 5
downloaded for r hawtin

project 313 10
great release!! thanks

scan mode 10
ocelot rocksssssss

Chris Stanford 10
Shadow Moses and Joton remixs are my faves here. Top drawer release this one!

Alxndr James 10
Great stuff from Michal as always !

Dykkon 6
Diamond Dogs for me. Support on my radio show and my sets. Thanks for the music.

Rraph 9
great as always!

aetha 10
diamond dogs!

Rommek 8
Quality all round !

Rommek 8
Quality all round ! Nice broken beats

Pleiades 10
Great ep!! favourite track - ocelot

Progression UK 10
Incredible as always. All downloaded :)

Anton Banks 9
I like Ocelot and Outer Heaven. Will use these.

Alessandro / Tapefeed 9
Incredible EP ! I'll play all the tracks , thank you so much!

Modvs 10
Diamond dogs as favourite track. Top release.

David Att 7
Joton remix my fav.


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Since 2005 Newrhythmic it´s a techno label founded by Joton.

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