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Gravitte is the first conceptual release from Devennue composed by 4 tracks, an original one and three re-edits.

Devennue shows us his own way to connect his three influences :
Techno, Experimental and Dub.

The original track is focused on the club. In that way, a perfect rude techno to connect each others, enjoying on the dance floor.

The Tool and Experimental versions let appear the Devennue's hidden face, where he exposes a dark trip, full of mysteries...

With the Dub edit, we can enjoy the most sensitive and delicate side of Devennue, where the synths and organic elements predominate to bring us a magic moment.


released November 27, 2014

in arrival order

Artist Name : Takaaki itoh
Rating : 10
Comment : really like experimental edit.
good for mid tempo set.
full support!

Artist Name : Kr!z
Rating : 7
Comment : Sound Good

Artist Name : A.Paul
Rating : 7
Comment : original for me. thanks

Artist Name : Angel Molina
Rating : 7
Comment : Gravitte (Tool Edit) is with no doubt my fave track on this release. Pure musical drug, very hypnotic (and useful).
thanks, as always.

Artist Name : Cleric
Rating : 8
Comment : Will play the Original mix in my earlier sets for sure.

Artist Name : Etapp Kyle
Rating : 7
Comment : Dub edit is my pick. Thanks

Artist Name : Paul Mac
Rating : 7
Comment : Liking the original mix and the Tool Edit. Both sounding like nice mix tools to me

Artist Name : Samuli Kemppi
Rating : 10
Comment : Excellent release! Like them all. Full support. Thanks!

Artist Name : Electric Indigo
Rating : 8
Comment : smart release, like the sound a lot, especially the tool edit. thank you!

Artist Name : Adriana Lopez
Rating : 9
Comment : Original and Experimental are my favorites… Really nice release. Thanks.

Artist Name : Aiken
Rating : 5
Comment : Dub edit for me

Artist Name : Unam Zetineb
Rating : 9
Comment : track 1 for me, thx

Artist Name : Azterisco
Rating : 7
Comment : Original and dub edit are very cool

Artist Name : Razeed
Rating : 6
Comment : The Original Mix is my favorite. Downloading!

Artist Name : Joaquin Ruiz
Rating : 8
Comment : muy buen trabajo felicitaciones !

Artist Name : Leandro Miragliotta
Rating : 9
Comment : Great Ep! Thanks, Track 1 for me!

Artist Name : Antonio Pepe
Rating : 9
Comment : original mix 4 me thxz

Artist Name : Phone /Subsist Records
Rating : 9
Comment : muchas gracias, les dare buen uso

Artist Name : Juho Kusti
Rating : 9
Comment : thanks!

Artist Name : Hd Substance
Rating : 9
Comment : Excellent release, support all traxx

Artist Name : Regal
Rating : 6
Comment :Thanks!

Artist Name : Surit ( Nx1)
Rating : 7
Comment : Muy interesante, gracias!

Artist Name : Doka
Rating : 8
Comment : Cool stuff! Will play out Gravitte (original) thank you!

Artist Name : energun
Rating : 8
Comment : good release!

Artist Name : Mark Morris
Rating : 9
Comment : gravitte original for me

Artist Name : 4Ace
Rating : 10
Comment : Good stuff again :)

Artist Name : Giulio Maresca
Rating : 8
Comment : Great release, my favourite is the original mix, so deep and groovy at same time. Dub mix is also amazing, will chill with it. thanks for the promo!

Artist Name : Kill Ref
Rating : 9
Comment : Good one ! Thanks !

Artist Name : Joaquin ruiz
Rating : 9
Comment : Muy buen trabajo felicitaciones !

Artist Name : Arnaud Le Texier
Rating : 7
Comment : Original mix for me! Thx

Artist Name :Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY, TANSTAAFL, Mosaic || Berlin)
Rating : 6
Comment : really nice sounding versions, but the changes are so slight its hard to really get too excited. original and dub edit are the two for me, for sure.

Artist Name : David Att
Rating : 9
Comment : Me encantan todas las versiones.Gracias.D

Rating : 8
Comment : Realy nice cuts in different directions. Pretty much into Gravitte (tool edit) Thanks for sharing

Artist Name : Ryuji Takeuchi
Rating : 6
Comment : good stuff, will play! thx.

Artist Name : Dispar Vulgo
Rating : 7
Comment : Got an early set tomorrow, will test them for sure. Beatiful full sounds!

Artist Name : Soolee
Rating : 9
Comment : Original is for me, Thank you!

Artist Name : Anton Banks
Rating : 9
Comment : I\'ll be using a couple of these on my show. Really liking the Dravitte dub. Thanks for these!


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