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Crab Nebula


Stepper 06:10
Quarterback 07:11


We welcome Hd Substance to Newrythmic with this four tracker, veteran spanish analogue wizard gives us four slices of techno rooted in the tradition bu with a futuristic approach.

Fix it Chord Mix opens the release with dynamic chords and random hi hat action, until subbass moves the air, chords are constantly evolving and changing spiced with traditional 808 and 909 drums.

Estómago Shuffled Mix is based on of course shuffled beats, raw analogue bass and liquid chords on a relentless arrangement.

Stepper is a live improvisation made with Roland 303 as bass player, Sh 101 as synth line, 909 on the drums all recorded live on one take.

Closing the release Quarterback relies on continuous bass sequences, synthesized drums and random step seqienced lines until Juno pads bring deepness to the whole architecture.

A varied Ep from the hands of a well trained studio animal.


released July 31, 2017

in arrival order

Bas Mooy 8

angel molina 6
ESTÓMAGO SHUFFLED MIX' for me here, great timeless sound. Thanks!

pfirter 8
stepper for me, thanks!

Arnaud Le Texier 8
Great EP. I will play some. Thx

dvs1 7

Xpansul 9
Awesome EP. Stepper is brutal. Full supported

Aiken 7
gran disco!! lo pondré fijo

Elesbaan 8
Techno Master cuts.

Unkle Fon / Bandada 8
Tito Luis "Rulez"

Dave Miller (Abstract Division) 8
Cool stuff, will support

Gareth Wild 10
Nice stuff. Thank you

Electric Indigo 6
the shuffled mix is my pick here, thank you!

josephcapriati 5
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !

Alderaan 8
Stepper is my fav! But will play a few ;) Thanks for the music.

Olēka 10

Dustin Zahn 7
Quarterback has a real nice vibe to it! Thank you!

30drop 8
Always learing from HD Substance. Timeless Techno. Thanks!

Kwartz 8
1 and 4 for me, thanks!

Joaquin Ruiz 8
HD SUBSTANCE STEPPER me encanto total apoyo !

Kaiser 7

Sarf 9
Quarterback for me. Nice release!!! Thanks for the music!!

juan sanchez 8
cool ep!

j gonzalbo 7
quarterback is top!!!


Ischion 8
Quarterback for me...Full support yayo ¡¡¡ Thx ¡¡

Ricardo Garduno 10
El HD es un chingon! great music.

a.williams 10

Garmen 8
Fantastic EP. Steper and Fix it Chord are my favorites. Thanks

Bando 10

G02 7
Nice and quality EP, thanks !!

Dario Duegra 8
Thx!! Deep and analog.

Artik 9
Estómago shuffled para mi!! HD nunca falla!

HD Substance 10
My favorite track 4

Anika Kunst 9
Super class, Fix it chord brutal, ep completito...muy buen trabajo!! Gracias :)

Raszia 9
Great techno tracks! I'll play it for sure! thanks.

Jack! Who? | deathtechno.com Editor 10
Superb EP. Amazing quality and variation in sounds. Love it. Thanks.

Men 8
great EP!!! will play for sure... thanks!!!

Akenaton 10
Buen material Mix Chord mi favorito.Descargando para Akenaton.Muchas gracias buen trabajo!!

Gimenö 9
great tracks, thanks!

Andrea Belluzzi 8
Great music,thank's for sharing it

Robert Leiner 8
Deep and dark, we like :)

Negativ Dekadent 10
massive release. favorit: fix it!

nico 10
Brutal Ep!!! "Estómago" & "Quarterback" las pondré seguro!! Gracias!

Minor Dott 7
Nice Vibes here. Thanks

Kalter Ende 9
Very Good EP!!!

Deadwalkman 10
Fresh!!! Really good traxx!!! I will try Fix it and Stepper!!!! Very nice mix!!! Thanxx!!!

Modvek 7
Nice Ep, Fix it and Quarterback for me!

A.Morgan 9
Stepper is very cool! Great EP, Thanks :)

Scan Mode 10

4nyøn3 10
A W E SO M E !

Nhitto 8

Xcire 8
Muy buen EP, el track que más me ha gustado es Stepper, seguido de Estómago, realmente ninguno de los cuatro tienen mucho que ver entre sí, pero los cuatro son muy buenos y los usaría todos.

Xcire 8
Muy buen EP! Enhorabuena!

Kata Mercado 8
QUARTERBACK favourite, thank you!

Noncompliant/DJ Shiva 7
Very groovy. Edtomago and Stepper are my favorites. :)

Keikari 7
Nice EP, I really like Quarterback

Le Martz 9
Fix it chord and Quarterback for my ! Nice groove and atmo. Thanks !

Amotik 7
QUARTERBACK is really nice, thank you!

Razeed 8
Stepper y Quarterback para mi! Enormes!

Diego Amura 8
Great! Thanks.

Markus Funke 8
HD SUBSTANCE QUARTERBACK --- come deep in the brain

Krenzlin 10
great ep thx

Jeff Wallace 10
Great stuff!! Keep rocking.

David Att 10
Jefe.Siempre efectivo.

Vlog 8
Wow solidos sonidos para mi es excelnete el ep en general muy buen trabajo como siempre HD SUBSTANCE

Vladimir Vladimirovich 9
cool HD new tracks, prepare for hypnotic abduction on the floor, Stepper is the one i prefer because of its "on one take" characteristic

Mod.1 10
Big E.P!!!

Unbalance 7
Nice EP, I like Stepper, thank you.

Jose Pouj 8
Buen release, buen sonido. Estomago mi preferido, pero todos molan.

Azterisco 8
Great EP

Moteka 7 f
ine release, I like Quarterback the most. thanks for the promo !

Vegim 8
QUARTERBACK is the one for me.

Pushmann 10 T
op! Will play!

Dinamite 8
Quarterback my fav, thanks!

Corvum 9
Great release by HD Substance on Newrhythmic Records, i really enjoed every single track, well done, of course you will have my support, thank you!

retzehc 7
Excelente ep ! el 4 es mi preferido

James Bong 10
top EP! 4 bomb's.

Alex Einz 9
Loving it , especially the SHUFFLED mix

Anton Banks 8
I like the ESTÓMAGO SHUFFLED and Stepper Remixes. Will use. Thanks!

Yotam Avni 10
Great EP! Full Support!

Jamaica Suk 9
wicked ep, thank you! fuel that fire mr. substance :)

anthony jimenez 8
nice release

Fon 8
muy hueno muchas gracias!!

Confluence (ATT Series/Dead Cert.) 7
FIX IT nice sound, thanks!


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